Tiny Living-Putting Stuff In Storage

Whether you’re delving into a tiny home adventure, packing your stuff away for future generations, or just temporarily storing your stuff for an in-between situation, you are going to be storing your stuff somewhere.

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Tiny Living Week 23 & 24- Moving Day

Out tiny home experience was terrific, so much so that we weren’t very motivated to move. We started our adventure wondering if we could sustain this “bohemian” lifestyle and ended it wishing we could say longer.

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Tiny Living, Weeks 3&4- The Squeeze

I was once told by a Shaolin Fighting Monk that I could live anywhere. At the time, I thought that he saw some resilience in me, a survivor with the ability to adapt and overcome. But twenty years later, I am more inclined to believe that he understood humanity does not need all of the extravagances we misunderstand as necessities.

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