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Family posing under American Falls, Niagara

Every blog on New York Family Adventures is a recommended place to check out.  Hearts indicate that we love each and every adventure. However, some adventures are more fulfilling than others or just easier to achieve due to cost and distance. Our rating is not meant to judge each adventure by score, but merely categorize the types of adventures you might be in the mood for. Distance is based on originating from the most populated sections of New York and its surrounding suburbs.

Ratings to help you find the right adventures.

♥♥♥♥♥– This adventure is a must regardless of cost and time. (National Monuments, absolute family favorites, etc. fit into this category.)

♥♥♥♥– This adventure is high on our list, but cost and time are a factor. (Something that might not be for everyone, but was really worth exploring.)

♥♥♥– This adventure is a moderately fun adventure that you can choose time and cost. (Villages and special adventures fit into this category)

♥♥– This adventure is low cost and fun, but requires more time and/or energy. (Hiking and bike trails fit into this category)

– This is a quick and low cost adventure. (You can get in and out quickly.  A great pit stop if you’re heading in or past the area.)

Reviews to help you plan your adventures.

Our Family Adventure Rating at the end of each post will include a review to help you plan out your adventure.

Prices for a family of five are based on two adults, two children, and a third child or senior.

Cost– expenses you might have for the adventure
Parking & Transportation– parking and transportation that’s available for the adventure
Location– the benefit of the location and/or it’s reference to other items
Day Trip or Overnight– evaluates if you can complete the adventure in a single day or if you should consider accommodations
Experience– what you can expect from this adventure
Combination– any other items that you can combine with this single adventure to make it longer

Looking Glass Falls, Pisgah National Fore
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