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I love New York, exploring and spending time with my family.  There’s so much to see, experience, and learn about all over our beautiful nation; and no better place to start than home. My enthusiasm extends to everyone I meet. I can’t help but show people the wonderful treasures of Long Island, the surprising landscapes of Greater New York, and the hidden gems of New York City. It was a natural progression to turn this passion into a blog so more people could enjoy the New York I know and love.

What’s Next

Our family‘s style of travel is becoming more popular across the globe as people are learning to enjoy the beauty around them and seize the moments that bring lasting joy. Locations outside of New York are added as we get out and explore more of what the world has to offer. We base these adventures on our follower’s suggestions. That’s right…you can tell us where to explore next!

Keeping It Real

Our focus is to help you live your best life without breaking the bank. We aim to give you real reviews so you can make informed decisions for your own adventures. We pay extra to keep ads off of our blog so you can access the information without distraction.

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