The Burgundy Zine #5-Be Present-Culture

The Burgundy Zine asked me to submit a feature article that would fit their 5th issue—Be Present-Culture. It is such an honor to be invited back to this digital publication. After some thought about what it currently means for me to “be present” and the current meaning of “culture,” I could think of no better topic than Tiny Living.

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Tiny Living- Is Van Life For Us?

VW classic van, poposky

I can remember when I could fit all of my belongings into the back of my car. Of course, I was seventeen at the time. Things have really changed since then. Now I have decades of keepsakes, photo albums, and cumulative collections of things I enjoy. Add in business endeavors, two marriages, two grown children, and a few dogs; and you have a lot of items in your living space. Downsizing to a tiny home was challenging enough, but can I downsize more to enjoy life in a van?

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Tiny Living- The Transformation of Space

It’s been two months since we left our 250 square foot home. There have been lots of mixed feelings about the move and after two months of settling in, we have some surprising opinions.

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Tiny Living Week 20 & 21-Vacation Over

view of the sunset over Sand City and Hobart beach from a deck, Northport, New York

Five months into our tiny home adventure and the romance period has ended. Now it’s time to think about living in a tiny home for the long haul. It’s easy to think you could live a sparse life style, but when you commit to a long term arrangement you are truly tested.

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Tiny Living Week 19-Getting Personal

Everyone seems intrigued by the idea of Tiny Homes, but there isn’t much publicity on why people are thinking about a minimalist lifestyle. This discussion really should be front page news. Tiny homes are not a fad, they’re a reality for several different types of people across an array of society ranges and cultures.

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Tiny Living Week 17-The Rat Race

The whole experiment of moving into a tiny home was to see if our family could improve its lifestyle. We wanted more than a pointless pursuit that was endless and self defeating. Getting ahead financially has to come with rewards. There’s no point in an exhaustive financial struggle that leaves no time for enjoying life. “The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” — Lily Tomlin

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Tiny Living Week 14- How far off the Grid?

Choosing a tiny home lifestyle often coincides with a change in life choices. For some it is a retirement plan. For others it is a more sustainable way to live with Mother Earth. For us it was a lifestyle choice– Carpe Diem! or Joie de Vivre! Whatever your reasons for thinking about moving to a tiny home, you’re not alone.

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Tiny Living Week 9- Thinking Design.

It’s been about two months and my world of tiny homes has been expanded tremendously. Whether it’s just trending or a realistic shift to a modern lifestyle, tiny homes are popping up everywhere.

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