The Mysterious Walking Dunes of Montauk, New York

The mysterious Walking Dunes of Montauk, New York are a unique ecosystem with a mind of their own. Naturalists from all over the world come to this unique site to view and study these four parabolic sand dunes that move 3.5 inches every year.

Exploring the Spooky Mystery of Camp Hero State Park

Camp Hero is a local haunt that has amassed some of the top conspiracy theories in our pop culture.

Ditch Plains- A New York Beach Like No Other

Ditch Plains is our number one choice for enjoying Long Island’s ocean beaches. Located in Montauk, this beach is at the tip of the island where few dare to venture.

The Montauk Ocean Institute is Working for Our Ocean’s Health

The Montauk Ocean’s Institute is a new installment at the lighthouse that brings the community together to educate and heighten the awareness of our ocean’s health.

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