Tiny Living: Van Design Reality

Classic Volkswagen Van, George Hodan

I have spent the past few months researching options and reading reviews from established Van Life bloggers and it has only made designing my van more difficult. My research has uncovered the hardcore reality of Van Life.

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Tiny Living- Is Van Life For Us?

VW classic van, poposky

I can remember when I could fit all of my belongings into the back of my car. Of course, I was seventeen at the time. Things have really changed since then. Now I have decades of keepsakes, photo albums, and cumulative collections of things I enjoy. Add in business endeavors, two marriages, two grown children, and a few dogs; and you have a lot of items in your living space. Downsizing to a tiny home was challenging enough, but can I downsize more to enjoy life in a van?

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Tiny Living- The Transformation of Space

It’s been two months since we left our 250 square foot home. There have been lots of mixed feelings about the move and after two months of settling in, we have some surprising opinions.

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Tiny Living Week 18 -Missing Comforts

I’ve written about the benefits of down-sizing and raved about the results of these benefits, however, just like in any situation, there are cons. One of these is the missing comforts of larger spaces. It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows in our tiny home.

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Tiny Living Week 13- Three Wishes

We’ve really settled in to our tiny home and our routines are taking shape. With every move, comes a period of adjustment to the new surroundings. (Two months seems to be about average for us.) So now that we’ve had time to experience a range of our daily routines, we’re realizing what is and is […]

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Tiny Living Week 9- Thinking Design.

It’s been about two months and my world of tiny homes has been expanded tremendously. Whether it’s just trending or a realistic shift to a modern lifestyle, tiny homes are popping up everywhere.

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