The Mysterious Walking Dunes of Montauk, New York

The mysterious Walking Dunes of Montauk, New York are a unique ecosystem with a mind of their own. Naturalists from all over the world come to this unique site to view and study these four parabolic sand dunes that move 3.5 inches every year.

For the Love of New York… (10 Ways to Fall In Love with Her)

There’s no easy way to pick and choose the best parts of New York. The best I can do is pick ten of the most inspirational, sublime, memorable and scenic areas for you to experience. I’ll start at the top and work my down…

Anastasia State Park is One of Florida’s Best Kept Secrets

Anastasia State Park is one of our favorite things to do in Florida. We’ve visited three times at different times of the year and found amazing natural beauty in each season.

Montauk Point Lighthouse-Watching Over the Atlantic Since 1796

My very first post has to be about my family’s favorite place, Montauk.

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