Tiny Living-Putting Stuff In Storage

Whether you’re delving into a tiny home adventure, packing your stuff away for future generations, or just temporarily storing your stuff for an in-between situation, you are going to be storing your stuff somewhere.

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Tallulah Gorge, Georgia

View of the suspension bridge with people on it from the trail rim at Tallulah Gorge State Park, Georgia

Connecting with friends and family on a road trip can lead you to amazing destinations. Tallulah Gorge was one such adventure guided by my long lost best friend from elementary school.

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Tiny Living Week 23 & 24- Moving Day

Out tiny home experience was terrific, so much so that we weren’t very motivated to move. We started our adventure wondering if we could sustain this “bohemian” lifestyle and ended it wishing we could say longer.

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Acadia National Park

Two people on the top of the rocky headland at Acadia National Park, Maine

We made a plan to see the first sunrise in the country at Acadia National Park, the easternmost part of the east coast, on Black Friday. Our family pledged to spend this day outside enjoying nature to its fullest extent instead of engaging in the riotous act of shopping.

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Tiny Living- Week 22 Saying Goodbye

view of a tiny house on the beach through the trees in Northport, New York

Our Tiny Home experiment is coming to an end, not because we want it to, but simply because it’s a “summer home”. I originally planned for this to be a six month journey, but after our experience, I’ve learned that Tiny Living is about more than just square footage- it’s a lifestyle. We are saying […]

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Museum of Natural History-Holiday Edition

American Museum of Natural History, NYC, dinsoaur with a santa hat

I feel like a kid again when I visit the American Museum of Natural History. Curiosity and wonder fill my mind as I navigate towards the dinosaur bones, check my weight on a Giant Red Star, and see a 500 foot blue whale up close. (I am possibly more excited than the children I brought with me, especially during the holidays!)

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N.Y. Botanical Gardens for the Holidays

The Bronx is a treasure trove of family adventure and the New York Botanical Gardens is one of the biggest gems with its own 250 acres of diverse landscape. (Yes, the Bronx has one of the greatest botanical gardens in the world and now it’s a winter wonderland!)

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Flushing Meadows- Holiday Edition

Queens, New York hosts an epic playground, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, for everyone’s unique desires with some special treats for the holidays!

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