Adventure Gear

No one loves a good hike more than Zeus! He’s up for any family adventure and he knows he’s going places when his leash and harness come out. He’s so proud of his gear, he’s become a Brand Ambassador for Pack Leash.

Zeus’ Friends & Family Discount

At Check Out, enter the discount code “zeusandchichi” for 10% off your entire order.

Gear Available

Check out to view their selection of collars, bestie bracelets, leads, harnesses and extras.

Pack Leash Perks

  • Your purchase donates 2 lbs. of dog food to a local shelter. (To date over 30,000 lbs. have been donated!)
  • Lifetime Guarantee!
  • Free Shipping on all orders over $50
  • You already have a 10% discount by using Zeus’ code!



Pack Leash products are high quality. We can see how they offer a lifetime guarantee from the top construction and rugged materials. These items are made to withstand pulling, twisting, wear, and the elements. The leads are water-proof and the harnesses and paracord collars are designed to be lightweight.

The designs are simple and clean with a nice array of colors.

Pack Leash products are easy to clean—just soap and water. Since dirty dogs are a sign of  fun and adventure, this is a bonus.


Not all Pack Leash products will fit all dogs. Make sure you refer to their size-guide for products. Our Chihuahua, Chi Chi, was too small for the harnesses and collars (to be fair, he is 5 lbs.). Zeus also wears a different size with Pack Leash than what we would have purchased in a generic store. End note: measure your pup and refer to their size guide for a guaranteed fit.

Contact Us for product review and sponsorship if you have an item that would fit into our family adventures.