The Aching Heart of the City That Never Sleeps

42nd St towards the Chrysler Building, NYC, quarantine

There’s an ache in my chest as I witness my city silenced for the second time in my life. It’s Friday. Rush hour. You can hear a pin drop. The shadows are heavy. The mirrored reflections are motionless.

If you follow my blog you know how much I love New York. There’s not an inch of this state that isn’t beautiful and brilliant. But in all of its glorious waterfalls, peaking summits, and salty ocean beaches; there’s one area that’s not like any other place in this world, Manhattan. This is the beating heart of our home state. To see it lay in silence is deafening. To know why is crushing. We are now up to nearly 45,000 positive Covid-19 cases with more than half of this growing total in NYC alone. How can a New Yorker not feel in pain, in crisis,…heartbroken?

These photos were all taken during rush hour on two different Fridays. There would typically be so many people crowding these scenes that you couldn’t see the floor or ground. There would be so much movement that a single photo could never be in perfect focus.

Stay safe! Keep your distance! Wash and sanitize! The only we will get through this is together.

Update: 4 days later, April 1st, the total of positive cases is now nearly 84,000. Please tell everyone to stay home. April 23rd, the total positive cases is now almost 265,000.


Time Square Facing South
Times Square Facing North
Times Square Tkts
Broadway and Times Square
Times Square
The Barrymore Off Broadway
Grand Central Station
Inside Grand Central Station
Uptown Manhattan
42nd St towards the Chrysler Building
Queens Midtown Tunnel
Battery Park, Manhattan, NYC, during quarantine
Battery Park
East Coast WWII Memorial honoring the American Servicemen who died in the Atlantic, Battery park, NYC
East Coast WWII Memorial, Battery Park
Battery Park along the waterfront during quarantine, Manhattan, NYC
Battery Park waterfront
Battery Park, Manhattan, NYC, looking towards Freedom Tower, quarantine
Battery Park looking towards Freedom Tower
The Oculus, Manhattan, NYC, view from the Federal Building, quarantine, graffiti art
The Oculus view from the Federal Building Manhattan.jpg
Tribeca, Morrison & Boinest Building, built 1890
Cast-iron buildings of SoHo, Belgium Block street, Manhattan, NYC, quarantine
Cast-Iron buildings of Soho.
Little Italy with Blue Sies
Little Italy, Blue Skies
Little Italy, Manhattan, NYC,
Little Italy

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Aching Heart of the City That Never Sleeps, NYC, Quarantine

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18 thoughts on “The Aching Heart of the City That Never Sleeps

  1. As someone for whom Manhattan, and especially Times Square, is my favorite place in the world because it is so lively to the point of chaos, seeing pictures like these is jarring.

  2. I was just thinking about you Emily – hence why l am here now typing.

    Sad times, but great images all the same. A powerfully poignant post. Thank you for sharing, and thanks for posting – l know that you are ok – even if we are together as one people sad 🙂

    Take care, stay safe, stay sane 🙂 xx

  3. Those pictures are very sobering and really put things in perspective. New York will bounce back again! I hope you and your family are healthy and safe.

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