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I am happy to introduce Jesse Clark as the newest travel writer to enter our blogosphere. Please enjoy this guest post written by her and visit her new site at

Start Your Vacation Right By Saving Money With Priceline Coupons

by Jesse Clark

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With a little forethought and a willingness to be flexible, you can experience the world in style without breaking the bank. Priceline is a terrific starting point since it connects travelers to discounted rates on airline tickets, car rentals, and hotel rooms. It is a solid, easy-to-use travel tool, and keep in mind that you can top off their good deals with savings opportunities from other sites.

Beyond the Basics

While Priceline and other savings opportunities are a great way to begin your search, you can also enjoy an even more budget-friendly experience by going beyond those basics. Small adjustments to how you approach your getaway can also make a difference. Get creative with your time using simple strategies that add up to dollar-stretching fun while making memories to last a lifetime.

Reconsider Deal-Breakers

Choosing your hotel is often more than just finding a clean place to sleep. You have to consider which amenities you would like to have as well as those you can live without. Do you want to lounge by an exotic swimming pool or do you feel no stay is complete without a free continental breakfast? As you browse through the best deals available, you can start to slowly uncheck the amenities that are not absolute deal-breakers.

You might also want to consider whether a short-term rental would meet your needs more than a hotel room. While a hotel offers luxury accommodation options and services, AllTheRooms notes a short-term rental is private and can save you a substantial amount of money in the long run.

Also, keep in mind you can save on other must-haves. You can often find coupons and special discounts for local businesses and attractions once you have chosen your destination. Check out local tourist boards and check with people who live in the community for ideas. What’s more, many restaurants and retail stores offer discounts for seniors or college students. Cruise lines and national parks often do the same.

Walk or Ride a Bicycle

Caumsett3Sometimes the best way to see the sights is at a slower pace. Renting a car or taking the bus are popular tourist options, but you never know what you will miss along the way. Walking allows you to get your body moving while you wander around and get lost on picturesque city streets or parks. It’s the perfect way to explore local markets and find one-of-a-kind photo opportunities you will cherish for years to come.

If you want to get there a little quicker, you might consider renting a bicycle. Bicycle kiosks are a growing trend in many large cities. These unmanned stations make it easy to rent two-wheeled transportation at a great price with just the swipe of a credit card. Many boutique hotels and short-term rental properties provide free bicycles as part of their amenities.

Spend More Time in One Place

Taking your time discovering the character and beauty of one place is often more rewarding than rushing around trying to take everything in at once. Driving long distances or racing from one city to another can really have an impact on your travel budget.

Rather than a rushed getaway, consider a driving tour and staying longer periods in points of interest to save money. Your Mechanic points out a slower approach to vacationing gives travelers a chance to experience the landscape while absorbing the local vibe and color.

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Start your vacation off right with savings opportunities through Priceline, and then top that off with additional frugal choices. Discounts, thrifty tours, and lingering in a single spot allows you a chance to make the most of every penny. At the same time, you’ll be making the most of every moment and creating fond memories.

Thank you, Jesse!

Guest Hosting on New York Family Adventures

BD0BE393-950F-4369-B689-CD6A0FB95B07I find it really important to support one another and also allow people to express themselves in how they want to be heard. There is no one way to communicate the same ideas to different people. None of Jesse’ s writing or suggested links have been altered to format this post to our personal blog style. (Note: She did leave plenty of room for me to insert photos!)

Jesse Clark’s post offers some great tips for traveling that may not be reflected In New York Family Adventures or in alignment with our typical advice; however, I hope you enjoy this post and find some helpful tips to allow you to save money and have a great vacation! After all, everyone needs to get away!

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