Awards and Mentions, & Recognitions

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I have had the honor of being nominated by so many wonderful writers and bloggers in the community; now it’s time to pay it forward.

Awards and Mentions

There are so many wonderful awards that can be bestowed upon you in the community and they each have their own theme. You can nominate someone for Mystery Blogger, Sunshine Blogger, the Liebster Award, the Blogger Recongnition Award, the Vogue Parody, and many more awards with interesting and colorful themes designed to motivate and inspire everyone involved. Most importantly, your acknowledgement of these awards opens you up to the community as everyone gets to know a little more about you and what drives you to write.

medal for Liebster AwardWho doesn’t appreciate being mentioned for any kind of accolade or acknowledgement? These awards offer a blogger some support in becoming recognized, a boost when starting out, and a push to persevere through the first few hurdles of a blogger’s journey in finding an audience. The mere mention of a blogger as a nominee who accepts the torch and carries it forward is, in itself, the actual award.


I have been fortunate to be nominated in the blogging community and I have always wanted to keep up with recognizing the efforts and generosity of my nominators. Fulfilling the award criteria is often answering personal questions that are designed to inspire others through sharing the journey in a relatable fashion. You are also required to nominate a number of bloggers who will pass the torch by recognizing them in the community. If carried out successfully, it has a multiplier effect of support and motivation.

My passions for my blog and writing take a back seat to a full time job and caring for my household and family. There’s not always enough time in the day to fulfill personal daily writing tasks and participation in all of the wonderful awards. One day that will change; but until then, I will honor and recognize my nominators in the best possible way that I can.

Gifting the Compliment

One of my very favorite blogging friends has created the wonderful concept of “gifting the compliment.” It’s not an award, but a “compliment from my blog to your blog.” He simply promotes the posts that he has enjoyed reading to share with the community on his blog. I love this idea and would love to take this time to blend my most recent nominations with the gift of a compliment. As per the behest of my friend, you are under no obligation to do anything with this gift—simply enjoy. Without further ado….

A Guy Called Bloke

Rawpixel photo person holding gift nature wrapped box with pineconeThe creator of “gifting the compliment”, Rory, writes about his motivation behind the “gift”: The Sticky Ickiness of Particulars. He’s quite the blogger-extraordinaire and has several different themes to check out on his site. One of my favorites are his K-9 interviews due to their creativity and originality. I was also fortunate to have had my furry besties encapsulated in these timeless posts: Zeus and Chi Chi & Noodles. Check out his blog. I hope that it will draw you in to participate and become part of the community.

Shop Like A Boss

pile of dollar bills

Joy Elle @chop_suey was very kind to nominate me for the Mystery Blogger Dec. 2019. She has a fantastic blog on free products: Shop Like A Boss. I love this blog because there’s something for everyone and it touches on one of my childhood passions. As a child of a single parent you can surmise that money was scarce. I found a book on “free stuff for kids” when I was about eight. All you had to do was write a letter to whichever company was offering the goods and request they send you the items. You can imagine that I went nuts requesting everything I was remotely interested in. I still have the book on the metric system and, my absolute favorite, Smokey the Bear Fan Club kit with official autographed photo and Junior Forest Ranger badge! Joy Elle focuses on adults, but the joy of free stuff is just the same.

The Chronically Unimaginable

Sunshine Blogger Award SunflowersJordyn, @Jordyn72758776, was generous to nominate me for the Sunshine Blogger July 2019. She has a heartfelt blog that raises awareness about chronic health, mental illness, and disability while reducing their stigmas and introducing some humor. One of her latest posts, My Crazy Self Love Challenge, really resonated with me. It is difficult to care for yourself when you are bogged down with taking care of others, especially when you don’t feel like you have much of yourself left to care for. Jordyn is relatable at a time when you might not think anyone else can relate.

The Story of My Life

The always positive Jess Ling, @jessling1205, nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger May 2019. She has an upbeat and fresh blog that centers around her life with posts on travel and self-love. It is ironic that she nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger as I think she is one of the most sunny bloggers that I have had the pleasure of interacting with. Enjoy her post Hidden Gems in Kuala Lumpur.

A Finn on the Loose

Vogue Parody 73 questions feature imageOkay, if you’ve been keeping up with my writing you can probably guess she had me at “Finn.” I have strong Finnish heritage and have always wanted to visit Finland—one day soon, I hope. Until then, Laura, @afinnontheloose, will be my vessel for living vicariously. She graciously nominated me for the Vogue Parody September 2019. Her blog explores other cool destinations and writing, but I am partial to The Ultimate Finland Bucket List. I can not wait to use this bucket list for all of the extraordinary things there are to do in Finland when I visit.

My Previous Nominations & Awards

You can learn a little more about me, find some terrific nominated bloggers, and/or learn about these different awards with the links below.

Sunshine Blogger

Vogue Parody

original Liebster Blog logoLiebster Award


Blogger Recognition

Flawesome Award

The Sum of it All

baby emilymaehood in rocking chair readingAny way in which someone chooses to support another person or, in this case blogger, is wonderful. Nominations for awards, gifting them compliments, guest posting their content, re-posting their social media content (with credit of course), and even acknowledging their journey with comments and likes on their posts are all meaningful and supportive. After all, you can not spell community without u-n-i.

Do you have other ways in which you show your support for fellow bloggers and writers? Please share and let’s spread the word!

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  1. I really love this idea! I’m so bad at keeping up with blog nominations so I might steal this idea too! Haha.

    Hope you get to Finland soon! I grew up living with a Finnish grandmother and finally got to Finland in May, it was even more magical than I’d hoped! I’m itching to go back!

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