The Burgundy Zine #5-Be Present-Culture

The Burgundy Zine asked me to submit a feature article that would fit their 5th issue— Be PresentCulture. It is such an honor to be invited back to this digital publication. After some thought about what it currently means for me to “be present” and the current meaning of “culture,” I could think of no better topic than Tiny Living.

I have been exploring a tiny lifestyle that would benefit my family and I. (You can begin our journey here with our foray into Tiny Homes.) This exploration has been about improving our lives through lifestyle; placing experiences, relationships and community above “things.” Our culture has us scurrying about to build our dependency on inanimate objects; often ignoring the journey and the loved ones we take with us. It’s not easy down-sizing and learning how to let go of the material possessions you really don’t need. However, once you do…you feel lighter, happier, and start to really live your life.

I really enjoyed the varied topics in this month’s publication and I hope you will too…

Monthly Digital Zine link:  The Burgundy Zine #5 

Tiny Living- Is Van Life For Us?

Classic Volkswagen Van, George Hodan

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