Soaring Through the Air in Florida-Canyons Zip Line

Family picture in front of red barn for Canyons Zip Line, Ocala, Florida

Once we heard highest, longest, fastest zip line in Florida, Canyons Zip Line was one adventure this New York family could not pass by. This adventure allowed us to explore a unique terrain while soaring through the air! In our home state of New York we already have the highest, longest, and fastest zip line in North America, but Canyons Zip Line boasts zipping over beautiful water-filled canyons, alongside cliff walls, and through old-growth oak tress.


The Tour

We were very pleased with everything about Canyons Zip Line. The ambience of the remote natural area was stunning. The guides were professional, entertaining, and trustworthy. The tour moved non-stop with small groups so you never felt like you were waiting around. We felt energized zipping from tree to tree and cheering each other on. The tour minimizes the walking and climbing which really keeps the pace moving quickly. The natural design of the property keeps you zipping almost non-stop.

What to expect

  • Arrive early for check-in and wait for the members of your tour group to arrive. They will not hold up a group for people running late, so make sure you arrive early.
  • Once everyone is checked in, your group is fitted with the appropriate gear for safety and success. (Make sure to read all of the notes about hair, jewelry, clothing, etc.) At this point you can make sure your camera is securely mounted. A helmet mount will get you the best unimpeded views.
  • Your tour guides will load you on a shuttle to drive you to your first destination, the instructional area. They will teach you some techniques and have you practice.
  • When everyone is ready to begin the zipping adventure, they’ll load you back on the shuttle and bring you to the beginning of the course.
  • Safety is always the priority and you will receive constant reminders and tips.
  • Frame-07-11-2018-09-21-56The Full Zip/Canopy Tour is broken up into a nice variety of Ziplines, rope bridges, small hikes and stairs, and a rappel at the end. It moves at a nice pace with a good variety.
  • Your tour ends back at the main building. You return your gear and tip your wonderful tour guides. You can check out any photos the staff took of you in the main building’s gift shop. You can also cool down with a drink or ice cream!

The Canyons Zip Line Ocala Florida Promo!! (Official)

Available Tours

  • Full Zip/Canopy Tour – 9 Ziplines, 2 rope bridges, & a rappel (2.5 hrs, $96)
  • The Canyons Express – 5 Ziplines, 1 rope bridge (1.5 hrs, $59)
  • Horseback Tours- ride through the canyons on their 100 acre property (1.5 hrs, $60)
  • Kayak Tours- guided tour around their 12 acre lake (1.5 hrs, $45)
  • Night Tours – 5 Ziplines & 1 rope bridge in the dark (1.5 hrs, $79.99)
  • Discounts:
    • Combine any 2 tours get $10 off
    • Ride 3 times, get fourth free (Same person)


Special Notes- Know before you go!

  • Wear comfortable clothing.  Short shorts should be avoided (you will have a harness around your legs and/or if you go horseback riding, you need to cover your legs to prevent friction burns/rashes with the saddle).  Long hair should be tied back in a low pony tail (close to the neck). Hanging jewelry should be avoided.
  • They require a minimum weight of 70 lbs. and suggest that the child be 10 years of age (to be sure they have good motor skills and coordination to manipulate themselves along the zip cable should it be necessary).
  • Tours operate rain or shine so please dress appropriately. Participants are required to wear closed toe shoes.
  • They rent GoPros that will attach to their helmets. We found that you can also bring your own GoPro and request a helmet with the mount.
  • There is a lot to do in the area- visit FAQ page on their website.

Family Adventure Rating ❤️❤️❤️❤️

903BDC84-FDFE-42DD-8928-11C2DC1441C7Cost– This adventure is a bit costly for a family of five, especially if you don’t live close enough to drive over for the day. We didn’t find any discounts with the exception of their $10 off two tours. You also need to add 7% Florida tax to all ticket purchases. (A family of five will pay $513.60 for the Full Zip/Canopy Tour). This adventure is definitely a terrific add-on to a vacation or a terrific idea for a local day trip if you have the extra funds.

Parking & Transportation– There is no mass transportation that we found for this area. You will need to drive in on your own. If you’re visiting Florida on vacation, there are plenty of car rental locations so you can explore the state on your own. There’s plenty of free parking at Canopy Zip Line.

Location– We found this adventure to be a bit off the beaten path. However, it’s location near Ocala National Forest is the beauty of its natural surroundings.

Day Trip or Overnight– The area is well known for its Horse shows (Ocala is known as the “Horse Capital of the World”) so you will find overnight accommodations nearby. You don’t need to make this an overnight trip unless you have an interest in other events nearby, exploring more of the area, or planning multiple adventures at Canyons Zip Line.

Frame-07-11-2018-09-17-58Experience– We loved our experience at Canyons Zip Line. The tour was as good as the reviews and pictures had boasted. We love a good adrenaline thrill and the staff made it easy to feel safe and enjoy the rush.

Florida is filled with amazing ecosystems, terrain, and activities. We found that we can have an awesome family vacation bypassing the theme parks that seem to rule Florida’s tourism. We drove through the panhandle and down the east coast of the state all the way to the bitter end, Key West. We spent a significantly less amount of money and gained better family experiences like this one.

Combination– Visit the area’s website- for events, accommodations, and areas of interest. There is a lot to do in the vicinity if you have the interest. Otherwise, you can return to your vacation having had a great one-of-a-kind experience. (We were staying in St. Augustine so it was an easy 90 minute drive back to our vacation area.)


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