Fun in Georgia with Goats On the Roof!

CFED0E05-736B-4613-97D1-02987F49067EThis fun family stop is guaranteed to spark your attention. Who could resist seeing goats living in a rooftop community? The owners and creators of this Georgia keepsake have stumbled upon rural genius with a wicked sense of humor that works to entertain you. They had us at “goats”, but when we heard “on a roof” we couldn’t resist a road trip. Thankfully, we were already in Georgia enjoying some hiking and beautiful views at Black Rock Mountain State Park (I’ll blog this one soon!).

350DD3C7-D9FA-46DD-A06A-773A1BA101D8Alien Goats?

These Tiger Mountain goats are direct descendants of aliens! They “cling to the shingles” watching for a magical sign in the sky, “a solar eclipse of the apricot moon, when the constellation Aries turns gold.” B748B95B-75C1-4650-9487-97AF5B2C1254Fortunately for us, the Global Office of Astronomical Technology (G.O.A.T.) anticpiates that this eclipse won’t happen again until 3014. But you never know…

Feeding the Goats

Feeding the goats is a key entertainment feature. Our favorite was a bicycle powered food bowl elevator. With every stroke of the pedals, the goat’s anticipation grew stronger. You could see the feed climbing higher towards the goats on the roof as you powered away on the bicycle until it finally reached the top and dumped out for a feeding frenzy.

Homemade Ice Cream

It was a nice treat to not only have some ice cream on a hot day, but to watch them make it with liquid nitrogen! This is way better than someone folding in your topping choices on a “cold stone.” These lovely cafe workers had to actually wear giant rubber gloves for protection as they worked furiously to make you a sweet treat within seconds. The creative menu suggestions are delicious and the portions are enormous! Sharing is a good suggestion unless you’re an ice cream glutton.

Other Amenities

  • 7EBB42FD-DC77-4F3E-8CF2-F21A09EF6257Cafe– Their cafe hosts a small seating area and serves a variety of food—burgers, nachos, hot dogs, chicken strips, fries, snacks, homemade fudge, drinks, and more. The highlight here is the ice cream!  There is seating outside too, but beware the looming goats overhead!
  • Gift Shop– There is a small Gift shop area inside the cafe that has fun items for kids and a few decor items for the home. The theme here is geology (mining and rocks/crystals). There is a larger shop in the adjacent building that sells local goods, shirts, goat plushies for adoption, funny gifts and more. Some of the more interesting finds are boiled peanuts, Amish food and goat paraphernalia. We couldn’t resist a nice decal for our vehicle to commemorate our adventure.E4A17371-6C47-4485-9547-33E7C7A39955
  • Fire Pit– Their outdoor seating is equipped with a fire pit for cooler weather enjoyment. It was definitely way too hot to sit by a fire when we visited, but they’re open through the winter months. They even host pictures with Santa and his goat at holiday time!
  • Restrooms & Playground– There’s a small playground for restless young ones and a restroom for your convenience. D0F33472-2C39-4011-AD96-9EF2BE215DD6


  • Open 7 days 7:00am-5:30pm from March 9, 2018 through January 2, 2019
  • Closed Major Holidays— Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, & Christmas
  • No admission, No parking fee
  • Locasted at 3026 Hwy. 441 S., Tiger, GA 30576
  • 1-706-782-2784
  • They also have FaceBook & Twitter pages

Family Adventure Rating

Cost- This is a low cost adventure. There’s no charge for admission or parking. You can choose to spend what you want, but it’s not mandatory to spend a dime. Food, gift shop items, and goat food are all optional.

CE0D5CE0-129F-4DAE-BA34-981955BEA4E0Parking & Transportation– They have their own parking lot and roadside parking is available. They’re located along a highway so they’re easy to find. Coming from New York, this seems like a pretty rural area. I did not find any public transit options here.

Location– This location is either out-of-the-way for you or close-enough-to-check-out depending on what you planned. There are terrific things to see in the area so it’s definitely worth a day to explore. The rural location is definitely good for the goats!

Day Trip or Overnight– Unless you enjoy camping or happen to find a bed and breakfast, this will probably be a day trip for the area.

Experience– Exploring this part of Georgia was a terrific experience! Goats On the Roof added some nice humor and color to our day. We definitely made a good decision to stop here and check it out. Many of the surrounding activities involve hiking and outdoor experiences, so this pit stop with cold ice cream was a joy.

81FCC707-68D8-4427-946A-BFF57FE53387Combination– You could easily spend an entire day in this area. Right down the road from the goats is Tiger Mountain Vineyards . Not too far of a drive is Black Rock Mountain State Park and then Tallulah Gorge State Park. You can enjoy beautiful scenery, spectacular views, hiking, and plenty of waterfalls here. We will definitely be back!

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