Tiny Living Week 12- My Favorite Things

Every home has things you love about it and our tiny home is no exception. Downsizing doesn’t have to mean giving up comforts and luxuries. If you focus on the features of a home that make you the happiest, you will find comfort and joy. If you keep an open mind you might even find great things you didn’t even think about.

Outdoor Shower

CFCD8235-9CDF-4DCA-8F84-F36BF568CB81Our home just happened to come with an outdoor shower, mostly due to its location on the beach. This is one luxury I did not even think about! It was not a factor in choosing to live here, but it has become a favorite in the family. Showering outdoors is more exhilarating. There’s more oxygen since there are no confining walls. Yes, there is privacy, but privacy does not have to mean being locked inside a box.

Our shower has hot and cold water to make showering any time of day pleasant. The wood floor boards allow the water to run right through so there’s no puddling. Everything is built with wood and a neighboring tree provides a natural sun covering. With a view like this, the shower truly is a happy place.


161ABD47-1271-432A-9978-603179F84199Our deck is a part of our home and is used as additional floor space. When the inside of your house is all of 250 square feet, a covered deck really helps. Not to mention, it adds to the charm of the home. My plants adore the fresh air and the extended roof over the deck helps protect them from dangerous elements. Having the extended roof also helps us keep the home cleaner. Shoes can stay outside and it makes for an easy transition into the house with inclement weather. There are days that I leave the front door open for a lovely breeze off the water and the dogs venture out to lounge in the shade. I’ve also been known to take my iPad and a chair on to the deck for some productive blogging.

The Beach

F960399A-2D91-4164-8821-546479485E93The beach is the best possible setting I could have chosen. (In Week 11 I discussed choosing a setting for your home.) My choice is by the water, especially salt water. When I look out of my windows and see the gentle roll of the waves it gives me a sense of calming. I’m also a fan of the salt air. E2EBB942-5E41-4247-93D5-3C968F64C770A couple of times a day, I walk the length of our beach with the dogs and it really helps me remain centered. It’s the bay so I don’t have to worry about the water getting too rough, but its large enough to feel the connection to the ocean. Living on the beach also makes the space feel bigger than it is by extending the usable land and views. It also adds a recreational element to the property— swimming, kayaking, etc.

Being Outside


Our tiny home promotes more outdoor time. It’s more spacious outdoors, the fresh air is invigorating, and the views are spectacular. I’ve never had a home that enabled me to spend as much time enjoying the outdoors as this one. Perhaps living in a smaller home motivates you to go out more. Our family has certainly taken advantage of bringing daily activities like eating breakfast, scrolling through our devices, and conversing with friends to the outdoors. Strolling along the beach to find paint pots and sea glass has become a regular past time. And the wildlife! The beach hosts its own buffet to the locals— deer, raccoons, cormorants, herons, cranes, egrets and more! The collection of footprints in the morning sand is like a who’s who of Animal Planet.

End of the Day

IMG_1106At the end of the day, our tiny home seems like a luxury because of all of the enjoyment it brings us. Managing a smaller home leaves more time and energy to enjoy the simple things in life.

Remember what is truly important and live with no regrets.


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  1. Love this post. We usually live in a tiny home too. the last one was 235 square feet. The balcony is where its at! And its all about the surroundings, environment and views.
    Love your bathroom too! outdoor bathing is the best!

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