Lavender By the Bay

Long Island’s North Fork is full of terrific nooks to explore and Lavender By the Bay is one of them that not only keeps your adventure outside, but is original, relaxing, and aesthetically pleasing. Their large field is divided up by 80,000 stunning plants of different varieties of English & French Lavender–including Purple Bouquet, Melissa, Grosso, Hidcote Giant, Super and many more!



Their peek season is mid-late June through early July when the lavender is blooming. This is a picturesque time to plan a trip, but they are open year round. “Blooms” are posted on their website and FB page if you’re heart is set on seeing them in their full glory. We have visited various times throughout each summer and we have never been disappointed. They are open daily from 9am to 5pm during the summer months, so popping in for a little mind/body relaxation should be a cinch.


All Natural

Our family enjoys the beauty and aroma of the fields, the gorgeous natural wood crafted pavilion, and the eloquent farm shop. I, personally, can not resist taking home a lavender plant or buying one as a gift for friends or family members. Lavender has been known to help reduce emotional stress and improve sleep. Lavender oil has also been known to improve brain function, help heal burns and wounds, restore skin complexion, slow aging and reduce pain! I haven’t ventured into all of these medicinal remedies, but there’s plenty of online information to help you do some research.


Chickens are a terrific way to control insects and weeds in your farm. Herbicides and pesticides are harmful to everyone so it is a pleasure to see a nice chicken coop and some healthy chickens roaming the lavender farm.

Honey Bees are encouraged to thrive at the farm too. If you walk to the back of the farm you might catch a glimpse of the man-made hives. (We’ve never had a dangerous encounter, but remember to give bees their space and never swat at them.)

IMG_1597Farm Shop

This farm has been family owned and operated since 2002. In addition to the fields, they run a farm shop that sells lavender products such as oils, soaps, plants, stationary, and handcrafted gifts. There is no charge to just explore the farm shop. (If you can’t get out to the North Fork, but need some lavender after reading this blog, they will gladly ship to you!)


Kids and family pets are all welcome here as long as everyone is respectful of the grounds, friendly, and they keep it clean. There is no formal restroom, but they do have portable toilet stations for your need.

  • Open 7 days 9-5, fields close 4:30
    • Fall hours- Thursday to Monday
    • Winter Hours- Check website
  • 7540 Main Road, East Marion, NY 11939
  • Entry fee to the fields for anyone over 12 $9 weekends and national holidays , $6 weekdays
  • No fee to enter farm store
  • Website for more info

Family Adventure Rating

Cost- The main cost is travel, but since this is a quick stop, you are most likely already in the area. After that, the only cost is the entry fee to the fields (family of 5 $27) and the possibility of a shop purchase. We have visited a handful of times. We’ve paid the entry fee twice, but the cost was transferred to credit at the farm shop. We’ve also visited at other times with no fee to enter the fields (I have seen info that there is only a charge during bloom times). You can call ahead to see if they’re charging entry at the time you’re planing a visit and if they still transfer the cost to the farm shop. 631-477-1019
IMG_1469Parking & Transportation- Lavender By the Bay is located close to the Orient Point Ferry (on your way out or visiting from Connecticut) and Greenport Village. If you don’t plan on taking your own vehicle you can travel via the LIRR to Greenport (20 minute bike ride from station or taxi/rideshare) or Suffolk County Bus/Hampton Jitney to East Marion (also bike, taxi, or rideshare). Note: Dan’s Bike Rental will meet you with bikes at your hotel, train or bus stop! If you travel by car there is a lot (no buses or large limos) and street parking for busy days. (Greenport has a dock, so arriving by boat is another option.)
Location- The North Fork is a bit of a journey for most, but it is worth the venture. This farm and wine area hosts loads of family adventure. I can think of no better place for this lovely farm.
Day Trip or Overnight- The North Fork is a beautiful day trip. My family has never had the pleasure of staying overnight, but there are many bed and breakfasts to choose from. If you live too far to drive back and forth in one day or you want to explore deeply, than this is a great area for an overnight trip.
IMG_1547-1Experience- Lavender By the Bay is a great adventure for anyone who has an interest in farms, flowers, nature, and outdoor relaxation. Our family has visited several times for the ambience and one of a kind experience.
Combination- There is so much to do on Long Island’s North Fork and this is a quick adventure, so combine away. Check out: Greenport Village, Orient Beach State Park, Horton’s Point Lighthouse, and the Big Duck. If you search the area you will also find kid friendly farms, wineries, and more!


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