Tiny Living, Week 6- Smell the Roses

“Take time to smell the roses” is an old proverb we often forget to our own detriment. Our schedules are so jam packed with work, commuting, household chores, and squeezing in family time or hobbies, but how much do we appreciate throughout the day? Tiny Living has provided a new perspective for our family. Moving to a smaller home has become more than just a financial decision. In addition to saving money on housing and utilities, we’ve reduced the size of our household chores. There’s less to clean, less to manage, and less to care for: overall less to worry about. This really frees up our time, but we still have to make the choice on how we spend it.


A few extra moments each day makes a difference. Instead of racing with the dogs to “do their business” and get back in the house, I’ve started to wait patiently for them to sniff about. On one evening, I realized how clear the night sky was and then realized I had an app on my phone that reads the constellations. I, unlike my twelve year old, never get to enjoy my phone for just plain fun. It was a good feeling– relaxing and somewhat educational. I couldn’t believe how many constellations were directly overhead just waiting to be seen.

Overall, having the time to embrace our environment has been the biggest “pro” to living small. Simply noticing the bloom of each flower as I walk to my car, collecting interesting finds on my morning stroll that wash up on the beach, and spending more time sitting outside with friends to listen to the water and feel the sand in our toes, is what each day needs. I’m enjoying more sunsets and making plans to travel. Giving up the things you don’t need can free you for the things that you do.

This adventure has reduced our overall stress and made us feel healthier. Of course, living by the water has its benefits that not every tiny home can provide (ie; relaxing sounds of the water lapping the shore and the increase of oxygen found in coastal areas). Spending less time worrying about our lifestyle and more time enjoying it has been a sure way to reduce blood pressure, headaches and premature aging. Focusing on our health should always be a priority, but with the previous lifestyle it was difficult to achieve. Mother Nature is the best physician…

IMG_2620And family is the best therapy (at least our family nucleus!). Yet another “pro” to our Tiny Living is the ability to enjoy each other and travel. We are currently planning a family road trip to experience different areas of the East CoAcadia42ast from New York to Florida and make connections with friends and family along the way. Just a Subaru, a mom, and two kids exploring the open road (with no Xbox!). We are excited about the opportunity to get away now that we have less to worry about. Besides the dogs, there’s not much left to have someone take care of while we’re gone.

IMG_1106Either we’ve quickly acclimated to our smaller accommodations or it’s just that easy to live once you’ve removed the things that are weighing you down. Whether you’re living in a tiny home, a ranch house or even a McMansion (a NY term for single family homes that are unnecessarily large), I hope this inspires you to take time out of your busy schedule to smell the roses too.


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