The Silo

View of the Lewsiton Silo restaurant on the Niagara River, New York

The Silo of Lewiston, New York is a terrific find when exploring with a hungry family.  On our last trip to Niagra Falls, we ventured outside of the tourist area to find something new and unusual.  We hit the jackpot with this history laden restaurant.


The Lewiston Silo housed the coal that fueled the steamers bringing in thousands of tourists that traveled the Great Gorge Railway dating back to the 1930’s.  It played an important role in keeping the waterfront alive.  As time passed by, waterfront traffic declined and the Silo sat silent until 1955.  During the winter of 1955 the Silo valiantly held back a huge ice jam that threatened to destroy homes along the river bank.  Then again, the Silo sat in silence waiting for the waterfront to be reborn.  (There were whispers of tearing it down!)  Thankfully, in the Spring of 1997, Richard Hastings had a glorious vision of turning the Silo into a refreshment stand for the emerging tourism.  Today, the Silo serves thousands of patrons from all over the world on its very lively waterfront home.  It’s even been featured on the Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food with Adam Richman!


This restaurant serves a large selection of American summertime classics, with vegetarian options and a children’s menu.  We found a wide array from gourmet burgers to kiddie favorites to the world famous Haystack.  There’s a platform around the Silo with plenty of tables to enjoy your meal while taking in the view of the river and waterfront.


Don’t forget to save some room for the locally made Perry’s ice cream that is served out of a former Canadian National Railroad car.  This caboose is full service, offering over 40 different flavors of ice cream, custard, floats and one of a kind sundaes (there’s even a sundae for your favorite furry friend).  The caboose sits separate from the restaurant so you can visit as many times as you like.  You can enjoy your treat on a nice bench or swing overlooking the river towards Canada.

For the competitive eater, there’s the famous Sand Dock Sundae Challenge.  A bucket loaded with ice cream, topped off with “dirt” and “worms”, and served with a shovel for a spoon is yours to eat!  If you can finish it, you are awarded a t-shirt to go with your bragging rights.  (No single person in our family would even dare to try this.)



The Silo is open seasonally from May through September, 7 days a week, from 10am-10pm.

Located about 10 miles from Niagra Falls at 115 N Water Street, Lewiston, NY 14092




Family Adventure Rating ❤️


Cost– This is a great family restaurant that is fun and low cost. We fed our family of five for about $10-$15 each (includes meal, drink, ice cream, sides)

Parking & Transportation– There is plenty of parking to access The Silo. There is a lot and street parking. Niagara does have mass transit. A bus can get you pretty close if you took a train or plane to the area. There is a dock for boats nearby, but you might want to look into the route in since you are so close to Canada (it’s literally across the river).

Location– This is a really interesting location. You can view Canada across the river, you’re on top of the water with terrific views, and you’re nearby Niagara Falls. The location is just as good as the food.

Day Trip or Overnight– This is a day trip–just a quick bite to eat. Of course, you’re probably already enjoying an overnight stay for all of the other amenities in the area.

Experience– We were really glad we ventured outside of Niagara to check out this restaurant. It was easily our favorite place to eat after our experience. We will definitely be going back.

Combination– You will definitely combine this with other things to do! Check out Niagara Falls and the Herschell Carrousel Museum

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