“A Kid in a Candy Shop” Since 1937!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… to feel like “a kid in a candy shop” is the best way to describe ours.  We had heard tales of a hidden candy store that carried everything you could imagine and so we had to set out and find it.  This neighborhood candy store met our expectations tightly packed to the ceiling with mountains of every candy variety you could think of and then some (2000+ varieties).  We found favorites like C.Howard’s Violets, Chocolately Star Cookies, imported German Haribo Gummies and more.  Going through the aisles was like walking through a candy museCandy2um.  There were many fun stories to tell my kids as memories were unfolding each time I saw a childhood treat- $100,000 Bar, Joray fruit rolls, Watchamacallit bars, Chuckles.  It’s clear that this family owned business since 1937 is a labor of love.  They have all of their bases covered with traditional treats, novelty (giant sized), imported, seasonal, gifts and hard to find favorites.  We left with a bit of nostalgia, smiles on our faces and a bag full of treats.

Economy Candy is a bit off the path of any major destination, but it is a fun adventure.  Located on the Lower East Side of Manahattan, it’s a short cab or Uber ride from Chinatown and Little Italy.  It’s also nearby the Williamsburg Bridge and walking distance from the famous Katz’s Delicatessen (205 E. Houston Street, corner of Ludlow St.).


Economy Candy is located at 108 Rivington Street, NY, NY 10002 (between E. Houston & Delancy).

The prices are surprisingly reasonable, especially for NYC.  They really are a discount candy store.  You can check out their website to get an idea (or place an order!).

Visit: www.economycandy.com

They are open daily from 9am-6pm, except Mon & Sat 10am-6pm.  Tour groups do frequent here, but the line moves fast with their experienced staff.

Family Adventure Rating ♥

Cost- If you live in Manhattan or are combining this with another adventure, it’s low cost. I wouldn’t travel from the suburbs into NYC just to visit a candy store, however there’s so much around, you can easily make a day exploring the area.

Location– There’s really no section of Manhattan that is without some form of fun, food, or entertainment factor. Economy Candy is close enough to Chinatown, Little Italy, and the Brooklyn Bridge to have a fun day. Don’t forget your walking shoes!

Day Trip or Overnight– This is a day trip if you live within commuter distance.

Experience– There are some adventures that you just want to take because of the novelty of the experience.  This is one of those.

Combination– Buy some fun Asian goodies in Chinatown, have a slice or two in Little Italy (Puglia’s is our fave), and meander over to the candy store. Need to burn off those calories? Don’t worry, you can hike down to the Brooklyn Bridge and even over to Brooklyn Bridge Park on the other side. Another great novelty- walking across the Brooklyn Bridge!



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